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About the author


A few years ago, Paul Estes was juggling a high-stress job and young family. Both he and his wife worked full time. Something had to give. A friend recommended he hire a Virtual Assistant. That decision changed his life, reinventing the way he worked, lived, and thought.

Today, Paul is an unstoppable advocate for the Gig Economy. He’s relentlessly curious, ridiculously energetic, and radically passionate about inspiring others to embrace their profound potential in the ‘future of work’. By accessing a global pool of talent, Paul believes every person can find time to reskill, reinvent, and be exponential.

His mantra is “Reclaim your time. Rethink what is possible.”


After 20 years in Big Tech—driving deals and transformation at Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft—Paul transitioned into working as a independent remote freelancer focused on helping companies implement Gig Economy strategies, freelance programs, and embrace remote work. He also shares his insights from mainstages as a keynote speaker and panelist at conferences, and he provides thoughts and advice via LinkedIn articles.


Outside of work, Paul is passionate about enjoying quality time with his wife and two amazing daughters. He practices what he teaches by engaging with experts in the freelance space who help him better allocate his time at work and at home.